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Antropofest is an international festival of movies with social anthropological themes.

Festival is held by eponymous NGO, formed by social anthropology graduates. The goal of the festival is to introduce the general audience to the movies that could also be one of the important study instruments of our domain. These specific documents will allow us to learn about the life of various human communities, social groups or individuals around the world.

During the festival we will hold debates on current projections and there will be also other accompanying programme.

We are looking forward to you!



18:00 Opening Ceremony
18:10 Side effects: Portrait of a Young Artist in Lahore
18:45 After War, Before peace - In Searching of Democracy in central Afghanistan
19:25 Roya and Omid
19:40 Break
19:55 If Vagina Had a Teeth: The Shona Rainmaking Ceremony in Western Mozambique
20:55 Discussion and Break
21:15 Making it Big in Berlin
21:40 Discussion and Break
22:00 Feeling from Outside
22:20 Salaam Aleykum Copenhagen
22:40 Life of Roma women
22:50 Babica


14:00 Opening Ceremony
14:05 Fish On!
15:05 Dobre nám je v Petržalke bývať?
15:40 Break
15:50 Červená růžičko, proč se nezozvíjíš. Doudlebská masopustní koleda: tanec, identita, status a integrace
16:25 Goluboie
17:00 Gáj
17:40 Kde krev a pot, tam i slzy
18:00 Discussion and Break
18:25 Drugs and Prayers - Indian Psychiatry in the Realm of Saints
19:25 Discussion and Break
19:45 Life in Bubbles
20:35 Break
20:45 Gente de Fajãs
21:45 Discussion and Break
22:00 Closing Ceremony
22:05 The Future of Visual Anthropology



Spain, 2008, 18 min
Konstantina Bousmpoura
29.01.2010 22:00

the futureIn October 2007, a group of artists of different nationalities set up atablao flamenco in front of Seville’s Cathedral. They claimed this public space as a place to exhibit and express their art. The audience’s applause transformed these artists into the flamenco group “Son de Afuera” (Not from here). This short documentary shows what it means to feel and create flamenco from “outside” in the context of Andalusian society.

Awards: First prize of Seville City XII Contest "Fronteras de Papel", March 2009; Best documentary, International Short Film Fest "Espartinas de Cine" of Aljarafe, Spain, October 2009

Language of dialogues: Español
Language of subtitles: English


Germany, 2009, 24 min
Claudia Goldberg
29.01.2010 21:15

berlinIn Berlin, young self-employed workers live the alternative to a nine-to-five job – low rents and space for creative ideas are still available. A sewing café owner, a freelance journalist and two contemporary dancers give insights in theirs live styles and tell about their independent work. The protagonists are not only part of berlin´s creative class buut they also represent a part of well-educatted generation, who struggles between job insecurity and th wish of self-realization.

Language of dialogues: Deutsch
Language of subtitles: English


Czech Republic, 2009, 23 min
Michal Pavlásek
30.01.2010 17:40

krevIn the middle of the 20th century a numerous group of Moravian reformed evangelicals from the surroundings of Kloubouky u Brna came to the area of Serbien Banat in Vojvodina. One-and-half-century-lasting existence of the reformed charge brought to its members much suffering borne by a process of big history stretching up to the presence. At the beginning of the 21st century the community of Czech speaking reformed evangelicals is dwelling at the verge of determination as the source of belief has been abandoned by the younger generation due to migration and impacts of modern era. The documentary focuses on historical turning points and fates of several charge members. In the foreground, inner latent godlines of the remaining descendants of the Moravian transmigrants appears which represents collective memory and symbolical universum – sources of preserved ethnicity. Faith, fate, presence as experienced past, experienced past as a garvestone.

Language of dialogues: Czech


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