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11 04

Second Echo goes to Pardubice to Divadlo 29. You can watch movies  Hip Hop, My Release ańd Noise that Brings Money at Tuesday 20th May, starts 7pm. We are looking forward to you!

11 04

First Echo of Antropofets goes to Opava to Club Art at 15th April at 5pm. You can watch Freetekno a Hip Hop, My Release.

23 01

Don´t forget that the 5th Antropofest will take place in the Bio Oko and start at Friday 24.1. on 6.30 p.m.

21 01

The spot for 5th Antropofest is made by Bohdan Heblík - kofila.com. You can watch it in world premiere here https://vimeo.com/83492169

14 01

We prepare czech subtitles for all foreign languages movies.

20 12

The programme of 5th Antropofest is born! You can study the synopsis. Times of screening could be changed.

10 12

The jury chose 16 movie for 5th Antropofest! Be connect to aour website or Facebook to recognize which one will be screened.

18 11

Thank you to all brave filmmakers who send the movie to 5th Antropofest!

10 11

We are conscientiously preparing the 5. vol. Antropofest. But you can remind some movies from last volume. The Echoes of Antropofest will take place at the Department of Anthropology at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. The Echoes will be realize together with Summary from Summer School of Ethnographic filmmaking by SVIET. Tuesday 19th November, room 319, Sedlackova street, Pilsen.

05 11

Dear fans of anthropological movies, less than 2 weeks left to the deadline for application to 5 vol. of Antropofest. Because of that put your movie to the envelop and send it to us asap. There is nothing to worry about! We are looking forward to all your movies!