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23 05

We would like to thank to all audince of Echoes of Antropofest for visit it and support of Antropofest project.

18 05

Guests of Echoes of Antropofest in Pardubice are Martin Šmoldas (director of Holuboje) and Petra Veselá (Ping gang).

11 05

We would like to invite you to the last of "Echoes of Antropofest" in Pardubice!19th May 2011 from 5 pm in campus of University of Pardubice, room KCU4. In Echoes of Antropofest will be presented these movies: Goluboie, Chokora, Old man Peter and Pink gang (the selection of films from the Antropofest 2011 in Prague).

27 04

Dear fans of anthropological films,  you can newly read the article (in czech) about Antropofest by Mgr. Aneta Hodulakova  in "Wrote about us". The article was published in Kereka review (January-February 2011, 12 vol.)

05 04

In Echoes of Antropofest v Brno (8th April) will be presented these movies: Goluboie, Chokora, Old man Peter,  Being a Tourist at Home and My Wars. More details also at www.fkbrno.cz

25 03

We would like to invite you to the 2nd vol. of "Echoes of Antropofest" in Brno. Friday, 8th April, Sál B. Bakaly, Žerotínovo nám. 6. It starts at 5 pm.

15 03

"Echoes of Antropofest" today in Pilsen!!! Starts at 6 p.m.

09 03

You can watch Arranged Love, Bunong Guu Oh, Old man Peter, Pink Gang and Chokora in  Echoes of Antropofest 2011in Pilsen!

25 02

We would like to invite you to the "Echoes of Antropofest" in Pilsen! 15th and 16th March 2011. Sedláčkova street No. 15, room 319. You will watch the selection from the Antropofest 2011 in Prague.

01 02

Photos from Antropofest 2011 are available in Gallery.

27 01

Just one night and Antropofest starts!!!

20 01

The czech subtitles are available for: Arranged Love,  Artzainak, Bunong Guu Oh, Friends, Chokora - surviving in the street, Pink Gang.

19 01

The guests of Antropofest 2011 are:  Frode Storaas (Friends), Lea Furrer (Chokora - surviving in the street), Jiřina Kosíková (My wars), Martina Fialková (Czech roots in Sweden), Klára Suchá and Petra Veselá (Pink Gang).

18 01

Entrance is 100,-kč for one day. Tickets will be available during festival in Dobeška.

06 01

Time schedule is not definitive. It could be changed.

06 01

The Antropofest is in Facebook!


04 01

Dear fans of anthropological films! It was really hard, but we chose 14 films for current volume of Antropofest. More information about films will be available in our website during this week.

12 12
07 12

Michalea Píšová has the presentation about Antropofest at student´s conference at University of Pardubice. It starts today at 4 pm.

02 12

The deadline for send up  your film is near! Don´t hesitate and do it now!

20 10

Pictures from the 1st volume of Antropofest are avaible in "Photos" in Menu of 1st vol. of Antropofest .

19 10

Dear fans of anthropology,

second volume of Antropofest will take place in Dobeska theatre 28th and 29 th January 2011. You can submit your movie till 10th December 2010. Current volume has been funded with support from the European Commission.