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26 05

We would like to invite you to Echos of Antropofest to Bratislava. It will take place at Cafe Satori Stage, 8th May at 6p.m. You can watch Girl, are you married?, Searching for the Exit and Ivonče. Directors of these movies will be present.

01 05

We would like to invite you to Echos of Antropofest to Brno. Wednesday 11th May, 6pm in Kino Art. You can watch GIRL, ARE YOU MARRIED?, PASTEVCI LAHVÍ and SEARCHING FOR THE EXIT. Directors of these movies will be present.

08 03

We would like to invite you to "Echoes of Antropofest 2016" to Pardubice. It will take place in Divadlo 29, 15th March from 6.30 p.m. We will screen this movies: Searching for the Exit, Ivonče, Kytice and Haight Love.

07 03

Firts "Echoes of Antropofest" in abroad will take place 15th March from 4p.m. in Department of Ethnology and Folklore studies University of Nitra. Searching for the Exit, Girl,are you married and Pastevci lahví will be screened.

11 01

„You don´t want to leave it, but you must“ is name of exhibition of photographs from balkan refugee migration route taken by Michal Pavlásek. The exhibition will take place in Bio OKo. Preview with author starts on Friday 29th JAN from 6 p.m. Free entrance.

08 01

The programme of 7th Antropofest is already available.

13 12

We seleczed 13 movie to 7th Antropofest. 4 movies are from The Czech Republic and 9 from whole world. You will watch movies made by legend of visual anthropology as well as student´s works. We start in 47 days!

25 11

We would like to thank all filmmakers who sent movies to call for 7th Antropofest. We have record 4316mins!

12 11

Just few days left to deadline of call for films to 7th Antropofest. We are looking forward to your movies!

04 11

Do you want to support Antropofest? You can check our new fold SUPPORT US in menu on left. Thank you.

03 11

Just TWO WEEKS left to dealine of call for films. So do not waste a minute and send your movie now!