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11 11

We are pleasured that we can screen together with Festival of the Freedom these movies: Be Jam Be, Grab nad run and Across Gender. We screen in several high schools across whole Czech Republic. 
Freedom for ever!!

30 09

Call for films for Antropofest 2020 is not open. Thank you for understanding.

12 05

We would like to invite you to 3rd Anthropological Evening at Ponrepo cinema. It will take place on 16 MAY from 6.PM. You can watch Putování po Nepálu (1969) from National Film Archive and DUST (2016) from Antropofest archive. Our guest is Zdenek Stipl from Department of South and Central Asia, Charles University.

29 04

We would like to invite you to the second ECHOS OF ANTROPOFEST to Pardubice. The Echoes will take place 13MAY from 3 p.m. We will screen Be Jam Be, Říkejte mi strýcu, Remake of a Summer, Revenir, Shame and Perversity, and The Sisterhood: Visits of my friends.

19 03

We would like to invite you to first "Echos of Antropofest". It takes place 1APR from 6pm in Fotogaléria Trafačka in Nitra, Slovakia. We will screen Revenir movie. 

20 02

We would like to invite you to 2nd Anthropological Evening to Ponrepo Cinema at Sunday 3MAR from 8.30 p.m. We are screening two movies from China. The first one is ethnographic movie from 1936. It is from National Film Archive. The second one, from the Antropofest archive, is movie by anthropologist Satoru Ito "Creation and chanting of Lik Yatt". We presented in Antropofest 2013 together with the author. The guest of the evening will be ethnologist Adam Horalek from University of Pardubice. 

29 01

We would like to thank to all visitors of the festival. If you missed some movie you can watch it during "Echos of Antropofest" in regions.

24 01

Two professional photographesr work during the festival. If you don't want to be on photos, let us know it. On the other hand, you agree with it. We can use photos from the festival for our promo materials, webpage or FB. Thank you for your understanding.

20 01

Do you want to win a free ticket to ANTROPOFEST 2019? Listen Radio1 on Monday 21JAN between 10.30-11.30 am and answer correctly. Good luck!

19 01

On the Thursday Opening Ceremony of ANTROPOFEST 2019 and 173. The Gellner´s Seminar in the Lucerna Gallery is free entrance. On Friday and Saturday at the Ponrepo cinema there is an entrance fee: Friday 120 CZK, Saturday 180 CZK and for both days 250 CZK.

17 01

Exhibition of posters - 10 years of Antropofest - is placed in foyer Cinema Ponrepo. It started 16JAN and it ended 26JAN.

11 12

We would like to invite you to first anthropological evening in Ponrepo cinema (Bartolomějská 11, Prague). Antropofest z.s. and National Film Archive presentstwo movies from theirs archives - Five Lives and Uknown Russian. Tomas Boukal, social anthropologist add his comments after screenings. See you on Tuesday 18th DEC from 6 p.m. For more detailes see webpage of the cinema.

03 07

Call for films for 10th ANTROPOFEST 2019 is opened! You can register your movie via our online application form or send it by mail. More information are bellow. Deadline for applications is 17th October 2018. We look forward to your movies!