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24 04

We are going back to the start! Prague´s "Ehoes" will take place in KLUB K4 (Campus of Charles University, Celetna street 20, Praha 1) on Friday 27 APR, 7 p.m.. Presented movies are: Kultura daru, Shooting Freetown, Saliendo Adelante. Free entrance.

16 04

We would like to invite you to 3rd "echoes of Antropofest 2012". It will take place in Brno,  Kabinet Múz, Sukova street 4, 20th April 2012 from 7 p.m. You can watch this movies: Merleau-Ponty, Meet me in Memoriam, My Childhood, Shooting Freetown, Nekopejte do nás (discusion with directors after movie!) a Firekeepers. Entrance 50czk. 

11 04

We would like to invite you to second "Echoes of Antropofest 2012", it takes place at University of Pardubice, room DB4 from 6p.m. You can watch this movies: Our Ground, Firekeepers and Shooting Freetown.

13 03

Movies Saliendo Adelante, Shooting Freetown, Memories for Sale, Firekeepers are screened in first "Echoes of Antropofest 2012".

07 03

First "Echoes of Antropofest 2012" will take place in Pilsen.The echoes are prepared in cooperation with Antropoweb. The selection from Antropofest 2012 will be screened. Detailed programme will be available in few days. It will take place in Faculty of Arts, University of West Bohemia, room 319. Free entry. We are looking for you!

08 02

The photo gallery is fill in by photos from Tomas Zelezny.

31 01

Photos of Antropoefst 2012 are available in Gallery. Wider selection will be available in our FB in few days.

30 01

We would like to thank to all participants and audience for their support of Antropofest 2012!

26 01

The festival spot is made by Bohdan Kofila.com Heblík and Jan Pardus. Thank you!

25 01

Entrance: Friday 90czk, Saturday 100czk, Both days 170 czk. 

23 01

Guests of Antropofest 2012 are: Carolina Corall Paderes (Memories for sale), Kieran Hanson (Shooting Freetown), Fedor Ikelaar (What keeps them going on), Ben Cheetham (Saliendo Adelante) Lukasz Kaminski and Maciej Erlebach (Kultura daru), Milan Durňak and Magda Koháková (Tumenge), Petra Ludvíková (Love Story), Hana Synková (Our Ground), Lenka Hollerová and Tomáš Hirt (Nekopejte do nás, ještě nejsme mrtví, Cold war neighbours)

19 01

Czech subtitles are available for movies: Cape de Índio, Firekeepers, Kultura daru, Love story, Memories for sale, Saliendo Adelante, Shooting Freetown, Tender kisses are hard to find, What keeps them going on. 

09 01

Timing of movies on the list  can be changed.

09 01

We made czech subtitles for 8 movies. You can find them in the list.

09 01

Complete programme of  3rd vol. of Antropofest you can find in section "Movies".

03 01

The programme of current vol. will be available in few days.

05 12

We would like to thank all participants who submmit thiers movie to current vol. of Antropofest!

28 11

Visual identity for 3rd vol. of Antropofest is made by kofila.com.  Thank you!

28 11

Dear authors of anthropological films, just two day remain to dealine of submmision of your movie to 3rd. vol of Antropofest.  We are looking to your movies!

23 11

Just one week lefts to dealine for applications of your movie to the 3rd vol. of Antropofest. Do not hesitate and submmit your movie today! We are looking forward to your films!

30 10

Dear friends of anthropological films, just one month lefts to deadline for applications of 3rd vol. of Antropofest. So do not hesistate and submit your movie to Antropofest !