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07 04

Tommorow you can visit The Echos of Antropofest in club K4 in Charles University, Celetná street, Prague. See you there az 6:30 pm!

26 01
25 01

Spot of current vol. is made by Bohdan Kofila Heblík, thank you!

23 01

The spot  made by Studio of visual Ethnology for current vol. of Antropofest you can find at our website.

21 01

Movies with czech subtitles are: Looking at themselves: Babaluda Luda, Creation and chanting of Lik Yaat, Espectadores, Feeding Pigs, Funeral Season, Gaur 8 Azokan, It is better in Bahamas, Jeans and Martó, The Nightmare of a belief, The yayas de l´Elegance, Velingara Theatre

18 01

Dear fans of anthropological films, comlete programme of current vol. of Antropofest is published. Antropofest team hopes that you will like it and we are looking forward to your visit next weekend!

19 11

We would like to thank to all aplicants for sending their movies to 4th vol.of Antropofest.

16 11

Dear fans of anthropological movies, today in 11:59 pm is deadline for your submissions.

We are looking forward to the latecomers!

01 11

Dear fans of anthropological movies, just two weeks left to deadline for your applications to 4th vol. of Antropofest. We are looking forward to your contributions.