Kino Pilotů

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Velká Británie, 2015, 47 min
A. Lawrence
28.01.2017 14:30

Antropofest 2017 British Born Chinese is a documentary film about Daniel and Kevin, two school boys born to Chinese migrants and living in Manchester. It engages their everyday struggles of reconciling their Britishness with Chineseness through their experiences at school, as volunteers at a community centre, and at home. We use an ethical approach driven by dialogue and close involvement with the film's subjects to understand the vulnerabilities through which the boys navigate their place in the British society. Our filmmaking as research not only uncovers new dimensions to understanding the ways our subjects experience their lifeworlds, but also seeks to reduce the epistemic violence of dominant forms of representation.

Andrew Lawrence is a filmmaker and a teacher using anthropological knowledge and ethnographic research methods to explore issues using film and video. Andrew is filmmaker in residence and a Lecturer in Visual Anthropology at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology in Manchester, UK.  Andy plays a leading role in the delivery of the MA in Visual Anthropology, and he is the principal tutor for the two week International Summer School, Filmmaking for Fieldwork. Andy studied social anthropology at UCL and visual anthropology at the Granada Centre before working for TV in the UK, USA and the Netherlands.

Director: Andrew Lawrence
Camera: A. Lawrence, B. Cheetham, T. Turner
Script: E. Barabantseva, A. Lawrence
Edit: K. Hanson
Production: E. Barabantseva

Language of Dialogues: English
language of Subtitles: Chinese, English, Czech