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Rusko, 2015, 48 min
E. Alexandrov, E. Danilko
28.01.2017 16:00

Antropofest 2017 Krasnovishersky district of Perm Region.Taiga foothills of the Northern Urals. People's life here is determined by forest, which had always fed and given shelter to indigenous Finno-Ugric population. Closely-knit family of Old Believer priests Krechetov tries to resist to widespread destruction of traditional life. Haying time is not the best time to talk with the villagers – all are in the fields from youngsters to orders. ..Except our interlocutors... What are their memories of the remote past? How they respond to their current life? How they live now? What they believe in and what expect?

Evgeny Aleksandrov: Leading research assistant, Doctor of Fine Arts, the head of Visual Anthropology group of The Earth Science Museum at M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University Has about 60 publications on visual anthropology. Producer of video works of CVA MSU (1989 - 2009) Creator and director of the Moscow International Festival of Visual Anthropology "Mediating Camera"
Elena Danilko: Current position is Doctor of History, Leading research assistant the Institute of Ethnology and Antropology Russian Academy of Science. Executive director of the Moscow International Festival for Visual Anthropology "Mediating Camera"-2010

Director, script: E. Aleksandrov, E. Danilko
Camera: E. Aleksandrov
Edit: Roman Likhacev
Production: Visual Anthropology and Media Lab, Ecocenter of Moscow State University
Festivals: Tartu Worldfilm Festival 2015, Ethnological Film Kratovo 2016

Language of Dialogues: Russian
Language of Subtitles: English, Czech