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Mexiko, Slovensko, 2015, 50 min
F. Moran, K. Jamrichová
30.01.2016 19:30

GIRL, ARE YOU MARRIED? Until the 1990s the Mexican Roma people were living a nomadic life and travelling around Mexico with their travelling movies.
Electricity, television and video records put their business to end. Some of them are still wandering, but the majority of them took an advantage of the favorable land prices in the growing urban agglomerations, built houses and settled down.
Do they feel at home in the houses they had built? They accepted that one can feel at home anywhere while he brings its world over.
The Roma people from Guadalajara have been living settled on the outskirts of the city of Guadalajara – district Zapopan for about 20 years. They form a community of aproximately five to six hundred of persons and usually present themselves as Gypsies or Hungarians. How much have to do with their European relatives? And what do they have in common with their Mexican neighbors ?
The documentary relates the daily life of these Roma community as it occurs in the suburbs of Guadalajara. Have these people managed to maintain their way of life based on the compliance with the traditions of their ancestors and respect for the membership in their lineage. And if yes, how? 

Felipe Moran has a Bachelor's Degree in Performing Arts (CECA, TELEVISA, Mexico) and Communication (Univ, Mexico) and Master's Degree in Film Production and Screenwriting (Form and plot, Madrid) and in Documentary Film (ECIB, Barcelona).
He worked as a filmmaker for various television channels – both Mexican and international – among them for example Univision.

Kristína Jamrichová studied Ethnology and Hispanic studies at FFMU, Brno. Currently is PhD student at the Institute of European Ethnology, Brno, working for People in peril organization, Bratislava and studying painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. During her Master's studies she spent a year in Mexico, studying and doing her research in local Roma community.

Language of dialogues: Spanish, Romani language
Language of subtitles: Slovak language

Production: Kristína Jamrichová
Camera: Felipe Moran
script: F. Moran, K. Jamrichová
Edit: Sara Pérez Fernández