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Jižní Afrika, 2018, 24 min
Roger Horn
25.01.2019 22:05

The Sisterhood: Visits With My Friends Filmed by Feebee Lee Von Diamond, a transgender wine estate employee in Stellenbosch, South Africa, "The Sisterhood: Visits with my Friends", functions as a continuation and critique of director Roger Horn's 2010 film, 'The Sisterhood" in which Feebee briefly appeared. Feebee observes, provokes, and discusses failed romantic relationships, religion, drunken misadventures, and family loss with her close circle of friends. In opposition to a majority of films on the lives of transgender individuals in the global South, director Roger Horn and Feebee avoid focusing on beauty pageants, sexual organs, or specific transgender rights and instead provide an occasionally uncomfortable insight into the daily hopes, fears, struggles, and losses of this group of friends. On a macro level these vineyard workers are often overlooked in contemporary South African society due to the stigma surrounding the regions employees who have endured a long history of exploitation and alcoholism. On a micro level within their own communities due to their sexual preferences and lifestyle choices this group of long time friends share a bond with viewers that is not always one of conviviality, but ultimately reveals their undying support for one another.

Roger Horn lectures in Visual Anthropology at the University of Cape Town, drawing upon his 19 years of experience across various disciplines and media outlets for inspiration. Additionally, Roger is currently pursuing his PhD in Visual Anthropology where he continues to research and expand upon the material presented in his films about Zimbabwean women residing in Cape Town, S.A., "These Objects, Those Memories" (2015), "Migrant Dilemma" (2017), and "Research / Souvenir (Dialogues)" (2018). This first movie was screened on Antropofest 2017.

Director, production, script, edit: Roger Horn
Camera: Feebee Lee Von Diamond

Language of dialogues: English, Afrikaans
Language of subtitles: English, Czech

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/242777295