Česká republika, 2017, 60 min
M. Pavlásek
27.01.2017 20:35

One of the possible ways of presenting the work of anthropologists and ethnologists, through which they are trying to understand the world arounds us, comes by means of ethnographic film. Similar efforts are also typical for film documentarists who can often uncover features of today´s society and spread them to the public. Both sides are linked together by the constant reflexion of own efforts coming out from its marginal position – searching for their own creative identity. Together with guests of the debate we will attempt to look closer at the specifics and background of visual anthropology and documentary, voice the possible common sources of inspiration and consider the possibilities and forms of cooperation.

Guests: Jaroslava Panáková, Ivo Bystřičan
The event is hosted by Michal Pavlásek (Antropictures)

Diskussion will be in Czech, without translation.