Mexiko, 2016, 42 min
J.B. Díaz, A. S. Eres, A.J. Arango
27.01.2017 19:10

Antropofest 2017 In the Municipality of Yahualica, Hidalgo, a Nahua community from Mexico, the archaeological pieces (named stone gods in their language) have the ability to make the population sick. Through an accurate knowledge the inhabitants of the municipality manage to deal with the power of the 'stone gods' in order to prevent possible damages and to benefit from the relationship with them. This facet of their reality has been seriously criticised by the Mexican media and the community has been deprived of a large part of their material heritage. This documentary pictures the life of the Nahuas from Yahualica, who have to coexist with the world of the stones, who make them sick, and with the world of the mestizos, who ridicule and rob them.

Jaime Bernardo Díaz is an anthropologist; Ana Somohano Eres and Antonio Jaramillo Arango are both historians. The three of them studying their PhDs at the UNAM, México, where they research about the social life objects can have in native communities dating before and after the Conquest.

Director, script, edit, production: J.B. Díaz, A.S. Eres, A.J. Arango
Camera: J.B. Díaz
Festivals: VI Congreso Mexicano de Antropología Social-Foro de cine etnográfico 2016; Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas-Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México 2016

Language of Dialogues: Spanish
Language of Subtitles: Spanish, English, Czech