Antropofest is an international festival of movies with social anthropological themes.

Festival is held by eponymous NGO, formed by social anthropology graduates. The goal of the festival is to introduce the general audience to the movies that could also be one of the important study instruments of our domain. These specific documents will allow us to learn about the life of various human communities, social groups or individuals around the world.

Already 9th Antropofest wages at January 26th and 27th 2018.

During the festival we will hold debates on current projections and there will be also other accompanying programme.

We are looking forward to you!







ČR, 2012, 43 min
Kateřina Bubeníčková & Lenka Vochocová
26.01.2013 15:30

The documentary follows the invasion of inquisitive filmmakers-cum-agroturists in Gerník, a Czech village in the Romanian province of Banát. Members of the team of the Prague-based NGO Inventura, co-authors of the documentary Earthlings, who will you vote for?, travelled to Banát to create a portrait both of a village dying out and of an anthropologist who fights with romantic fantasies about Czech villages in this locality. Is the village, which is being abandoned by whole families who leave for allegedly better life in the Czech Republic, a paradise on Earth, a fully preserved countryside of the 19th century? What do those who stayed think and what were their reasons? How do new media and wind farms fit into the idealized image of the traditional agrarian region?

Kateřina Bubeníčková and Lenka Vochocová work for NGO called „Inventura“. The main aim of this NGO is try to change public ideas about life of people with mental disability and try to integrate these people to the public via visible of their art work.

Director: Kateřina Bubeníčková & Lenka Vochocová
Production: o.s. Inventura
Language of dialogues:Czech
Language of subtitles:Czech


CZ, 2011, 29 min
Petr Kotrla
25.01.2013 21:00

Matadors vs guardians of the animal rights, tradition vs animal rights. The movie is dealing with both sides of point of view on this conflikt, which relates to corrida-famous spanish phenomenon.

Petr Kotrla graduated in medial studies and journalism at Masaryk University, Czech Republic. This movie was part of his thesis. Since 2007 he has work in Czech Television as editor, director a script writer.

Director: Petr Kotrla
Production: Petr Kotrla
Language of dialogues: Spain
Language of subtitles: Czech


Romania, 2012, 33 min
Mihai Andrei Leaha
26.01.2013 18:35

The film is an attempt to question the ways in which the visual narrative is constructed when using the feedback method. The feedback provided by the people involved (the young performers but also the elders) in the Babaluda Feast, turned out to be very important in offering an insight to the ways in which the Feast was depicted by the visual ethnographer. By recoding the shared visual ethnography, that was arranged in big groups in a large screening rooms, but also in small groups in private houses, the film will try to experiment the ways in which the visual narrative is constructed by looking at, the looked at. The montage method of the film will use a chronotopic montage technique (Bakhtin), in which the time and space unity will be enacted in a visual ethnographic present.

Mihai Andrei Leaha is PhD Student in Philology. European Studies Faculty, “Babeş-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, România. Thesis: Visual Ethnography. Restructuring Anthropological Knowledge. Video Researching Romanian Traditional Customs.

Director: Mihai Andrei Leaha
Producton: Triba Film
Language of dialogues: Romanian
Language of subtitles: English, Czech

Launching of film, awards:
The film won the Student award in Goettingen International Ethnographic Film Festival.
It also entered the official selection of Film festivals in Sofia (IFEF 2012), Athens (Ethno Fest 2012) and Ho Chi Minh City ( AnthroFilmFestival 2012)

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